In many ways my album Leap of Faith is my biography. Like a lot of artists I've written a song from the heart at a particular time in my life, or in somebody else’s life, but just to start, I was Born in Eynsham, Oxfordshire. Growing up in Witney, Oxfordshire I was blessed with a loving family, my mum being my true idol and my angel, my dad being that loving figure who always seems to be there when you really need him, and my two beautiful older sisters. (We used to drive each other nuts!)

I was a bit of a country bumpkin, loved to build bases and make mud pies, and swing across streams in white jeans, that's the life! I went to Woodgreen School in Witney, and then to college to study conservation, where I started to experience life, then started writing songs and poetry. I was always a deep thinker, too much some would say, hence the song, Don’t Talk Deep.

I will never forget the night I sang for the first time in public and felt I could actually be a singer. When I was 19 I lived in Menorca, Spain. One evening I was out with my parents in a local pub listening to a local musician hammer out some fab tunes on his keyboard and singing. Somehow, my mum, (My Angel) got the mic to me and I was told to sing. I sang Love and Affection by Joan Armatrading. From then on I sang in pubs and clubs, and joined in jams with the local musicians in Menorca, who I will never forget.

I then moved back to England and I continued to sing wherever I could. I was the singer in a soul band for a while which was great fun. Before a performance I would feel absolutely petrified but would love the buzz afterwards. I still feel like that now, 12 years later!

I had written my dream of recording an album in my diary when I was 17. Thanks to the love, faith and expertise of a few people that I love very much that dream came true for me. I'm so proud and pleased at how the album has turned out, I have been overwhelmed by the opportunity to do this.

I hope with my whole heart that the songs are not only liked but will inspire, comfort and encourage others in some way. I've struggled with low self esteem all my life, but whilst making this album I discovered the knowledge that we are all beautiful, wonderful and a miracle, and need to remember that someone will love us for who we are.

I believe the only thing holding us back from our dreams is ourselves, if we take that Leap of Faith, We’re Going to Make It!